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"Soft Universe" New Listing: Redefining "Soft Diapers"

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-04-14

With the vigorous development of China in the past ten years, people's life has also been rapidly promoted by the times. The improvement of material culture and living standards has brought about a qualitative change in the public's consumption concept. With the introduction of new policies and the continuous fermentation of social events in the maternal and infant industry, consumers in the new era have stricter requirements for product quality. How to stick to the red line of product quality and safety is the basic bottom line for enterprise development. How to continuously innovate and make breakthroughs in product quality and safety is a challenge that enterprises must face in the long-term development.


1. Soft diaper produces background

Recently, as a leading enterprise in China's maternal and infant consumer goods industry, Que's has broken through many technical barriers, achieved breakthroughs in quality safety and product innovation, and launched a new "Soft Universe" series of diaper products. The birth of this "3D Ring Soft" diaper will also redefine the term "soft diaper" in the industry. The new product has been launched on multiple platforms since March 21. Since its launch, the head mother and baby platform "Baby Tree" has attracted more than 40,000 mothers to follow and apply for trial. It has received rave reviews and is deeply trusted by consumers. The hard-core product strength invites consumers to experience the "soft ceiling" of diaper worlds together.


Looking at the current diaper market with a dizzying array of products, how to choose a safe and suitable diaper has become a problem for many mother and child families. According to popular science, a baby's skin is only one-tenth the thickness of an adult's skin, and it takes at least 3 years before and after the development to be the same as that of an adult's skin. Before the skin barrier is fully developed and established, it is susceptible to external stimuli and infections, resulting in many conditions such as allergies, eczema, and red buttocks. Many consumers will inevitably buy some inferior products with rough material and not easy to absorb water and breathable when purchasing diaper products. These products will endanger the baby's health under long-term skin-friendly contact, making the skin more sensitive.

Based on the care for thousands of Chinese mother and baby families, Que's has continuously perceived the real needs from the perspective of consumers for 16 years, and strives to provide every newborn family with quality, safe and reasonably priced care products. The "Soft Universe" high-end series products launched this time have undergone a new quality upgrade in product technology and raw materials. The five aspects of softness, water absorption, air permeability, reverse osmosis and safety are strictly in accordance with the standards of high-end products. control. From the standpoint of consumers, we have developed diaper products with soft inner and outer details, realizing "3D softness is soft to the touch".


2. "3D ring soft, soft to touch" soft diaper

The skin of infants and young children will inevitably be unavoidably rubbed during daily activities. The ordinary and rough diaper will damage the skin's protective barrier during daily activities. Long-term close contact is more prone to abrasions, allergies, red buttocks and other problems.

Aiming at the pain point of the delicate and easily damaged skin of infants and young children, Que's Soft Universe Series diaper uses a natural and pure new woven soft surface layer on the inner layer that is close to the delicate skin. The 3D nebula above the surface layer can be fluffy and soft. Fits the skin, the deep 0.19cm weightless thin core quickly locks moisture, with the blessing of 20,000+ breathable microporous bottom membrane to keep the skin fresh and comfortable, isolates the bacterial damage caused by urine and feces, and keeps away from eczema and red fart Irritant root problems such as farts.

When observing the baby's daily activities, Que found that they are full of desire to explore the world, and their skin is in a state of friction with each other for a long time during daily activities. For this reason, the "Soft Universe" series diaper is fully covered with a soft hot air non-woven fabric on the outer layer. Under the protection of the material that feels like down, the butt forms an invisible protective layer, which slows down the friction between the outside and the skin. Activities are more comfortable.

 soft diapers

The details often become the key to the success or failure of the product. In addition to making the inner and outer layers soft, the Que's Soft Universe Series diaper has also taken care of the details this time. During the activities of infants and young children, whether they are jumping, sitting or lying down, they will touch their abdomen, which is the position of the front waist sticker of the product. The skin-friendly flannel can better protect and reduce the risk of scratches when touching, and the three-dimensional high-elastic soft waist design on the toddler pants can also effectively reduce the feeling of strangulation and avoid red marks on the abdomen after wearing.


Que's Soft Universe Series diaper takes into account the softness of every detail in the design, gently cares for every inch of delicate skin of infants and young children, so that their buttocks, thighs, and waist have a soft fit and protection, and through products help them to step out of the free exploration. every step.


3. "Safety and quality are the same for 16 years" and soft diaper

"The first step of genius is to guard the heart of the bird". Looking back on the mental journey of Ques, an old domestic brand, it can be found that Ques has always adhered to the spirit of aerospace exploration for 16 years, focusing on the research and development and innovation of maternal and infant products. In terms of technical research strength, in addition to owning more than 100,000 square meters of self-built green factories It is also equipped with many global high-end equipment, and has mastered a number of national diaper patented technologies. Since its establishment, it has continuously won major awards in the category of maternal and infant consumer goods by virtue of its own strong strength. In order to achieve new breakthroughs in innovation and technology, in 2021, it will carry out strategic cooperation with the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University to jointly explore new fields of "Made in China" and promote the quality upgrade of the domestic maternal and child industry.


This time, Que's not only brought a new experience of "3D soft ring, soft touch" to Chinese infants and young children, but also opened up a new route for the high-end market of the industry and brought more new possibilities. With the rise of domestic brands in recent years, I believe that the old domestic Queshi, who grew up with families in the new era, will continue to launch more high-quality innovative products in the future, helping more Chinese babies take their first genius steps.

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