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LK850-High Speed Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine
Diaper Manufacturing Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HAINA
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: LK850
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:1 SET
Packaging Details:Film wrapped
Delivery Time:150 Days
Payment Terms:T/T
Supply Ability:72 SETS / YEAR
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1.U-Shape Baby Diaper Production Line Program System
Servo driven, intelligent HMI touch screen man-machine interface

2. Tension  System
Tension control with buffer system, automatic web guiding system, to ensure materials stable working at zero speed splice.

3.Driven System
Servo drive, digital size change, ensure run synchronously at full process.

4.Driven System
Servo drive, digital size change, ensure run synchronously at full process.

5.Safety System
Safety guard for operating side, emergency stop switch, security identifier, safety pull wire at driven side.

6.Auto Pack System
Auto stacker and Packaging machine to be defined by customer need.

7.Web Guiding System
BST ,Germany/FIFE, USA

8.U-Shape Baby Diaper Production Line Customized Function Available

Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing MachineProduct Description:

The Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine is an advanced and innovative automated system designed specifically for the production of high-quality baby pull-ups diapers. This cutting-edge machine is engineered with precision to ensure efficient and reliable manufacturing processes.  It incorporates state-of-the-art technology and quality control measures to provide superior products that meet the highest hygiene and comfort standards for babies.

Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine Technical Features:
1.  Advanced Production Capacity: The Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine boasts a high-speed production capacity, capable of producing a large volume of diapers within a short period.
2.  Customizable Design Options: This machine offers flexibility in design, allowing for the production of various sizes, shapes, and designs of baby pull-ups diapers to cater to different market demands.
3.   Automated Systems: Equipped with intelligent automation, this machine minimizes human intervention and optimizes production efficiency, reducing labor costs and ensuring consistent product quality.       Product Application:The Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine caters to the needs of the baby care industry, providing a reliable solution for the mass production of high-quality pull-ups diapers.        These diapers are essential for babies who are transitioning from traditional diapers to training pants, offering convenience and comfort during this crucial stage of development.

Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine Main Functions:
1.  Cutting and Shaping: The machine efficiently cuts and shapes the diaper materials, ensuring precise dimensions for a comfortable fit on babies.
2.  Elastic Band Placement: It accurately places the elastic bands in the waist and leg areas, securing the diaper in place and preventing leakage.
3.   Assembly and Packaging: The machine assembles the final product, folding and packaging the pull-ups diapers into convenient and hygienic packs, ready for distribution.

Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine Precautions:
1.  Proper Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine is essential to ensure its optimal performance and longevity.  Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for routine cleaning, lubrication, and calibration.
2. Operator Training: Adequate training should be provided to the operators to familiarize them with the machine's operation, safety protocols, and troubleshooting procedures to ensure efficient and safe production.
3.  Quality Control: Implement stringent quality control measures throughout the production process to maintain consistent product quality and meet regulatory standards.       Investing in the Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine will enable manufacturers to streamline their production processes, enhance product quality, and meet the growing demand for high-quality baby pull-ups diapers.   This advanced machine offers a competitive edge in the market, ensuring customer satisfaction and business success.



Design Speed:


Stable Working Speed:


Rejection Rate:




Power Source:


Machine Capacity:


Air Pressure:


Machine Weight:

95 tons

Daily maintenance and maintenance of Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine

1. The daily maintenance and maintenance of Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine is the basic work for equipment maintenance, and it is also an effective means to prevent equipment wear. It can detect and deal with abnormal phenomena in equipment operation in time to prevent equipment from being premature. of aging and wear.
2. Routine maintenance and maintenance work can eliminate potential safety hazards in equipment operation, reduce the occurrence of accidents, and ensure the normal operation of equipment. According to the frequency of use of Baby Diaper Machine, a detailed lubrication plan should be formulated, and lubrication and oil change should be done regularly, because insufficient lubrication will cause the bearings inside the equipment to dry out and increase the wear temperature, thereby causing damage to the bearings, and lack of equipment. The oil-dry friction process will cause poor sparks, which may easily lead to safety accidents.

Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine

No. Raw materials
1 Hydrophilic NW (Topsheet)
2 Hydrophobic NW (Legcuff)
3 Elastic for Legcuff
5 Fluff pulp
7 Upper tissue/NW
8 Lower tissue/NW
9 Pe film
10 NW for laminating
11 Frontal tape
12 NW for S cut
13 Hook for S cut
14 Glue for S cut
15 NW for big waistband
16 Elastic for big waistband
17 Construction glue
18 Elastic glue
19 Wetness indicator glue
Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine

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HAINA Machinery Manufacturer Advantage

HAINA Is Professional Manufacturer Of LK850-High Speed Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine In China,
The company was founded through one group of technicians and designers with experience in the production of machines for baby diapers,
incontinence adult diapers, lady sanitary napkins and panty liners.
Research and Development
Global Presence
Advanced Technology
LK850-High Speed Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine Manufacturing Process
Designing a machine that meets your requirements.
The first phase for each project is designing the machine. During this period, our engineers and project manager will work with you closely, understanding the product specification, raw materials used, and the expected functions of the LK850-High Speed Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine.
Purchasing parts and practising quality control.
After the machine design is confirmed with our client, our project manager will work with the procurement department for the purchase of parts and components used in the machine. All purchased components have to go through testings within the quality control department. Our staff make sure that each part is of the exact same quality and size as indicated on the machine design.
Assembling the whole machine
During this period, our staff at the assembly facility will assemble the LK850-High Speed Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine according to machine drawing.
Calibrating the machine
After assemble of the whole machine, we will calibrate the LK850-High Speed Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine and put it into trial operation. We start from setting standards of production speed,stability and product performance. Then we start the machine and test its actual performance. Our engineers and technicians will work together on the calibration and modification to meet our clients' demands.
Delivering the machine
After calibrating the machine inside our factory, we will then request the client in our facility to confirm the machine performance. Only when our client approves on the machine will we arrange the delivery.After the LK850-High Speed Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine has reached the client's destination, technicians will be assigned on site, taking care of the assemble and calibration.
LK850-High Speed Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine Related Services
Quality Guarantee
Quality Guarantee
CNC finishing and work with famous brands.
Fast service
Fast service
We concern what you concern.
One Year Warranty
One Year Warranty
We back our machines with acomprehensive 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.
We continue improving and innovating, never stop.

1. installation and setup

We provide professional installation and setup services for your diaper machine, ensuring it is ready for operation.

2. Efficiency analysis and improvement

We analyze your production process to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, providing recommendations for improvement to optimize your diaper machine's performance.

3. Remote monitoring and diagnostics

With advanced technology, we offer remote monitoring and diagnostics services, allowing us to detect and resolve issues with your diaper machine remotely, saving you time and resources.
LK850-High Speed Baby Pull-ups Diaper Manufacturing Machine Related Quality Control
Operator Training
Providing thorough training to machine operators on quality control procedures, troubleshooting techniques, and maintenance protocols.
Measuring precision
Precision testing includes dimension tolerance and shape tolerance testing, we use specific testing equipment to ensure the accurate of each spare part.
Machine Performance Testing
Conducting periodic performance tests to ensure that the diaper machine meets specified standards for production speed, product dimensions, and functionality.
Related FAQ
1.Where is your factory, can we come and see it?
Where is your diaper manufacturing machine factory, can we come and see it? We are in Jinjiang city, Fujian province.The nearest airport name is Jinjiang airport, which takes 1.5H from Guangzhou airport and 2H from Shanghai airport.The other airport’s
2.Launch a factory manufacturing baby diapers, what should I do in the first start?
A. do the market research for the baby diaper you want to produce B. send us samples for free analysis cost C. feasible report
3.Will you help us train our workers?
Will you help us train our workers? Yes, you can send technicians to our factory to be trained how to run the Adult Diaper Production Line before shipment.Accommodation and food can be provided.When the machine arrives at your side, we can send technic
4.Is it possible to see your machine running when we inspect your factory?
Is it possible to see your Baby Diaper Making Machine running when we inspect your factory? Yes, we can show you our machine running at working period in our local customer’s factoryor in our factory.
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