Management and Maintenance Inadequate Factors of Adult Diaper Making Machine

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-03-13

In the production process, equipment is essential, machinery and equipment for the production and manufacture of products have a very important significance, due to a number of factors leading to adult diaper making machine management level is very low, the later maintenance of equipment maintenance work is difficult to carry out, further leading to the slow development of machinery, a serious obstacle to the development of adult diaper machinery development.
adult diaper making machine

1. Lack of a perfect management system for adult diaper making machine  

Any benign development is inseparable from the perfect management system, if there are problems in the management process, then it must be caused by the unsound system. The strength of the comprehensive management ability of machinery is closely related to the management and maintenance of machinery and equipment. However, in the actual management, many often are not based on the actual production, do not pay attention to equipment management and maintenance work, did not carry out the establishment and perfection of the relevant management system, which led to insufficient management and maintenance of machinery and equipment, affecting the normal operation of the adult diaper making machine.

2. Adult diaper making machine lacks a scientific management model  

Although science and technology are developing continuously, various new management concepts and technical means have emerged, but due to many backward thinking, stagnant, pushing the traditional management methods, hindering the development. And machinery and belong to the traditional type, it is a typical representative of the aforementioned, most machinery is deeply affected by the traditional management concept, in the management of machinery and equipment, only focus on whether the equipment can be normal operation, whether the impact of the ultimate economic benefits, and ignore the equipment also need to love and care, but also need regular maintenance and overhaul, greatly reducing the adult diaper making This greatly reduces the service life of the adult diaper making machine, prompting the actual production of machinery in the later stages, increasing the capital investment, profit instead of increasing.

3. Adult diaper making machine maintenance technology needs to be improved  

At the present stage of the development process of adult diaper making machine, most of the recruited machinery and equipment maintenance workers have low education, resulting in their professional knowledge and weak practical ability. Therefore, in the face of real machinery and equipment, they do not have enough ability to quickly analyze the fault of the equipment, which leads to the maintenance time of the equipment greatly extended, seriously affecting the work efficiency.

4. Unreasonable design of adult diaper making machine  

Usually, the design of the machine is not in line with the actual production situation and can easily cause mechanical failure. This failure is mainly manifested in the design of the equipment and the actual production of the expected requirements is relatively large, then the stress difference between the parts is relatively large, it is easy to lead to the equipment in the process of running the bearing capacity of the parts to reach the limit, and ultimately cause the equipment to fail. From the current actual situation, many in the design or manufacture of machinery and equipment, are out of touch with the actual development of the situation, and the choice of equipment components can not meet the requirements, resulting in unreasonable design of machinery and equipment.

Therefore, the adult diaper making machine needs to be maintained by professional equipment managers at regular intervals to ensure that the equipment is in good condition for use at all times.

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