Analysis and treatment of sanitary napkin machine China accidents

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sanitary napkin machine china equipment has its own set of accident analysis and handling methods, so it can catch up in the world and become bigger and bigger.

 Sanitary Napkin Machine China

1.sanitary napkin machine china Analysis of Equipment Accidents

After an equipment accident occurs, the power supply should be cut off immediately, the site should be maintained, reported according to the relevant provisions of equipment classification management, and the relevant personnel should be promptly organized to conduct investigation and analysis according to the principles, deal with it seriously, and learn lessons from it. In general accidents, the supervisor of the accident unit is responsible for organizing relevant personnel to analyze the cause of the accident with the participation of the equipment management department. If the nature of the accident has typical educational significance, the equipment management department will organize an on-site meeting attended by the equipment personnel, safety personnel and relevant personnel of the whole plant to jointly analyze and educate everyone. Major and extraordinarily serious accidents shall be analyzed by the equipment manager (chief engineer) in charge of the enterprise's equipment, safety technology department and accident-related personnel.

  China Sanitary Napkin Machine

2.sanitary napkin machine china Handling of Equipment Accidents

The unit that has the accident should fill in the accident report form carefully within three days after the accident, and submit it to the equipment management department. The general accident report form shall be signed by the equipment management department for handling opinions, and the major and extraordinarily serious accidents shall be instructed by the factory supervisor.

 Sanitary Napkin Machine

If it is also engaged in mechanical production, then you can learn from this system of sanitary napkin machine china equipment.

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