How to Repair and Maintain an Adult Diaper Making Production Line

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In order to ensure the safe and stable development of the adult diaper making production line, the repair and maintenance of machinery is crucial. The standards related to the repair and maintenance of machinery and the assessment of the personnel involved are not strict. The staff do not do the inspection work in place, or make judgments based on experience alone, the professional knowledge is not solid, and the new generation is getting faster and faster, all make the best diaper production line repair and maintenance business level can not keep up with the work needs.
adult diaper making production line

1. Problems of maintenance of adult diaper making production line  

(1) adult diaper making production line has a certain complexity, for professional maintenance personnel experience, technical level have high requirements. At the same time, the economic and educational level of machinery users is generally not high, lack of systematic training, the use of irregular or blind operation, easy to aggravate the wear and tear of equipment or even damage. When problems arise, it is difficult for farmers to carry out inspections and repairs independently, which may even result in secondary damage, making it difficult to carry out maintenance work. The need for professional staff is therefore even more urgent.
(2) The maintenance software and hardware infrastructure is backward. The current number of maintenance sites can not meet the actual needs of the rapid promotion of mechanization, resulting in machinery problems can not be repaired in a timely manner, affecting efficiency. This is mainly due to economic reasons. On the one hand, the initial investment in building maintenance sites is large, and local financial constraints can hardly be sustained. On the other hand, the low economic and welfare benefits in rural areas make it difficult to attract high quality professionals for long-term employment, leading to a series of management problems.

2. Adult diaper making production line repair and maintenance of the main methods

(1) Ensure correct usage. adult diaper making production line is developing in the direction of large-scale, precision and diversification, therefore, targeted training work is needed before use. At the same time, the quality of the training is guaranteed. Users need to pass a systematic training on the structure of the equipment, safety knowledge, operating rules, maintenance and other professional knowledge and practical operations before they can be assessed and licensed. This ensures that users are able to operate correctly and in a standardised manner.
(2) Standardise the implementation of various rules and regulations. The use of equipment should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of various rules and regulations for operation, the establishment of a sound and strict job responsibilities to ensure the implementation of rules and regulations. Ensure that the equipment is operated by dedicated personnel and professionally maintained. In use, should ensure that the management, use, maintenance of high standards of requirements, the use of personnel required to do will use, will maintain, will check, will troubleshoot. In this way, in order to improve the level of daily maintenance of machinery users, can better cooperate with the work of maintenance personnel, to avoid blind and non-standard work affect the service life.

3. Adult diaper making production line maintenance should pay attention to the problems

Adult diaper making production line maintenance is divided into two types: routine maintenance and regular maintenance. Routine maintenance means daily protection and is based on daily maintenance and weekend cleaning. Daily maintenance is the inspection work that must be carried out before the machine is started. Regular maintenance is first class maintenance and requires specialist maintenance staff. The equipment operator needs to do the dismantling and inspection of the equipment according to the maintenance schedule. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the configuration of the space between the various parts and to reinforce any parts that may be loose. For the electrical equipment section, a professional electrician is required. After regular maintenance, the equipment maintenance card needs to be filled out properly to record the repairs.

Use, maintenance and repair are a complete system that interacts with each other. Therefore, control must be regulated from before use. Routine maintenance must be carried out. In this way, the maintenance workload of the adult diaper making production line can be minimised and the service life increased.
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