How to Use Menstrual Underwear Machine Correctly

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-12-10

Menstrual underwear machine is a kind of industrial equipment. In the process of using it, we must follow the correct use method, which can not only give full play to the due effect of the product, but also prolong the service life of menstrual underwear equipment.

Menstrual underwear production line

1. Check the menstrual underwear machine

First of all, before using, we should install the menstrual underwear machine to ensure that the positions of all parts are correct and the bolts are fastened. At the same time, we need to check whether the protective cover of the L-type packaging machine is installed properly, so that there will be no unnecessary faults during the operation of the equipment.

We only need to check the products carefully before they leave the factory. In addition, we only need to check the products according to the instructions, and they will not be qualified before they are delivered. In case of failure, we should contact the manufacturer of menstrual underwear machine at the first time. It is forbidden to disassemble the equipment without permission, which may aggravate the loss of the equipment.

 Menstrual underwear equipment

2. Daily maintenance of menstrual underwear machine

When we usually use the menstrual underwear machine, we need to carry out daily maintenance on the equipment, which is not only conducive to maximize the efficiency of the equipment, but also prolong the service life. It is very important for users, but some people don't know very well about how to carry out maintenance. Next, we will introduce it to you.

Maintain the control system of menstrual underwear machine. If the control system has problems in use, it will damage the chemical blocks and can not be packaged well. Although the control system will not have problems in general, it may leave some hidden dangers in actual operation due to the carelessness of the staff, so we should carry out system detection on the controller during maintenance.

Then, add lubricating oil to some bearings and gears of menstrual underwear machine. Long-term operation may lead to non lubrication in these places. If the lubricating oil cannot be filled in time, the friction will increase. After a long time, it will affect other parts of the packaged equipment and cause greater losses.

 Menstrual underwear production line

In order to ensure the normal use of menstrual underwear machine, the equipment should be operated according to the above methods in order to ensure its working efficiency.

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