Baby diaper machine Daily maintenance management work

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Baby diaper machine . Maintenance work after failure refers to the process of repairing and maintaining the faulty equipment. Usually, the process of equipment repair occurs within a period of time after the equipment fails. At this time, the loss of mechanical shutdown is not large, and only simple Repairs and replacement parts are guaranteed to operate again for baby diaper equipment.

 Baby diaper machine

1.Baby diaper machine  Maintenance management


The maintenance methods of baby diaper machine  are divided into preventive maintenance and maintenance after failure. Preventive maintenance refers to the routine maintenance and management of equipment in peacetime or before the failure of machinery and equipment. The basic purpose of maintenance is to perform routine maintenance of machinery and equipment to prevent or reduce the frequency of machinery and equipment failures. Among them, the main contents of preventive maintenance are: the daily maintenance of the equipment and the design of the equipment after the completion of the inspection, diagnosis and trial operation, and timely discharge of faults or potential safety hazards in the equipment to avoid affecting the equipment. normal operation, causing unnecessary economic losses.

 Baby diaper equipment

2.Baby diaper machine  Problems existing in maintenance management


(1) There is a serious shortage of technical talents and the management system is not comprehensive


In the maintenance management of baby diaper machine , the management of equipment rental is also an important part of machinery management. Although the development of machinery and equipment leasing business is very rapid, there are great limitations in the leasing process of machinery and equipment. Due to the lack of relevant technical equipment leasing personnel, the management of the leased engineering equipment in the later stage is not comprehensive, affecting The normal operation and safety maintenance of equipment. Most of the management personnel of machinery leasing are half-way monks, lacking relevant management experience and technical ability, and cannot carry out standardized operations for the maintenance of machinery and equipment.


(2) The quality and technology of relevant personnel are low


The largest proportion of the manufacturing industry is the grass-roots manual laborers. The staff generally have low cultural quality. Some enterprises are management-oriented enterprises. After the system reform of these enterprises, only a group of highly professional technicians are left. However, after most of the technicians working in front-line positions left the original unit due to layoffs, the new enterprise was unwilling to continue to train professional technicians in order to protect its own economic benefits, resulting in a large shortage of technicians in individual positions and a personnel gap. Affect the normal operation of baby diaper machine  equipment.


(3) The short-term phenomenon of equipment is frequent


The equipment is in a high-load operation state for a long time, which will have a great impact on the safe operation and service life of the equipment. Most of the baby diaper machine  equipment currently used are leased or old equipment, because the relevant technical personnel are missing or deliberately neglected the daily maintenance and management of the equipment. At present, most of the machinery and equipment leasing companies in my country lack awareness of the normal maintenance of equipment, and only care about the efficiency of equipment during operation, and do not pay attention to or directly ignore the repair and maintenance work after equipment operation.

 Baby diaper production line

For the problems or failures of the equipment during the construction process, it is basically repaired wherever there is a problem. Regardless of whether there are potential safety hazards in other locations, the later maintenance work of the equipment is completely left unchecked, which will affect the equipment in the later use process. Sex has a huge impact. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to the maintenance and management of baby diaper machine , to ensure that the equipment can meet the requirements of production, and to ensure the smooth completion of the production schedule.

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